Let Us Take a Deep Dive Into the Sunday Gospel 

Dive into the Sunday Gospel! Join us in person or on Zoom, every week. For more information contact Charlie Farrell at 857-4223 or charlie.farrell@qasmoncton.com

​​Under the guidance of Saint Thomas Aquinas and his thorough study of the Church’s teachings of the Gospels in his book “The Golden Chain” (click link for reference). We invite you to join us for an hour of study on the upcoming Sunday Gospel as we explore what the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Catholic Church preached and wrote about. We will discover what our Popes had to say about the Gospel and how they used them to guide us in their encyclicals.

To prepare for this week's session (September 14th & 15th) please  click on the following links and read these readings from the Patristic Bible Commentary.

St. Basil the Great  (pages 271-278)

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