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Queen of All Saints Pastoral Unit. 340 Dominion St.  Moncton, N.B.  Tel.: (506) 857-4223 Fax: (506) 857-0020

Below are some suggested links to refresh your spirit and renew your faith:

Click here to watch a creative interpretation of the Passover story. Hint: Shadow dancers.

Click here to watch a series of visual meditations on the Easter Triduum, with music by composer Dan Schutte.

​​​​Welcome to Queen of All Saints!

The Queen of All Saints Pastoral Unit is made up of St. Augustine's Church in Moncton, St. Lawrence O'Toole Church in Irishtown, and Our Lady of Mercy Church in Pointe-du-Chêne, New Brunswick.

  Masses will resume this weekend (October 24th/25th).There is one major change though. Please read carefully.

1.    FACE MASKS are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces in New Brunswick which include places of worship and faith gatherings.

2.    If physical distancing of two meters can be maintained in public spaces, are masks still required? YES while physical distancing of two meters is still required, masks will add an additional layer of protection. 

3.    Are masks required for the public, even in situations where barriers, such as plexiglass, are present? What about when two meters of distance can be maintained? YES. Masks are considered an additional form of protection in indoor spaces. 

So wearing of masks are mandatory throughout all of Mass even when you are sitting in the pew as well. If you would like to attend Mass at St. Augustine’s please call the office at 857-4223 to reserve your spot .